Quality Programs

A doctor holding a patient's handLead by a team of highly trained registered nurses, The Physician Alliance (TPA) quality department is dedicated to supporting our physicians and improving the health of patients under their care. With a focus on care management, our nurses support a multitude of programs with the objectives of improving our physicians’ quality measures and patient care.

    In addition, our nurse panel managers help our physicians and care managers manage high-risk, high-resource utilizing patients. Our nurses provide support for these complex, polychronic patients and ensure coordination of care across the care continuum for successful transitions of care.


    Below are some of the quality programs that The Physician Alliance assists our members with:

    Clinical Quality Initiative (CLQI)

    Community support

    Panel management

    Provider-delivered care management (PDCM)

    Psychiatric consult collaborative care (CoCM)

    Specialist team-based care


    Please contact us with questions or if you need additional information on these initiatives. Click here to view upcoming population health and quality webinars.